Wedding Flowers Designed for Your Budget

All of our pricing is individualized and tailored to your exact flower and color preferences and style. To get started in our planning, you’ll meet with us in person or talk on the phone and have a detailed consultation to discuss any of your floral ideas. From there, The Fuchsia Peony will put together a very thorough, customized estimate for your consideration, in many cases with multiple style or price options to consider.

To give you a bit of an introduction to our pricing, here are some general ranges that we typically see from our studio for our full design service:

  • Bridal Bouquet: $150-400
  • Bridesmaids: usually about half as much in both size and price in comparison to the brides. This varies though some, especially if you opt to use less expensive flowers in the bridesmaids vs. yours for example, so more like $50-200 each.
  • Boutonnieres: Averaging $15 each, but ranging from $12-20 each depending on the type of flower.
  • Corsages: Typically $30-50 each.We can of course discuss other areas like your ceremony or your dinner tables for flowers! It’s much more difficult in these cases to ballpark pricing without knowing more about your vision. For example, a small centerpiece (such as a mason jar or similar) with an appropriate collection of flowers and foliages could be $25-$50 each depending on flower choice, while a lush, extra-large, raised centerpiece could be $300-$400 each (or potentially more depending on density and flower choice). And of course anything and everything in between too. Sounds like a big difference, and it is in every way! Ultimately, we work with all sorts of clients with all sorts of priority for flowers.

Minimum Order for Delivery

Also noteworthy, we do have a minimum order of $1500 if you’d like to take advantage of our delivery service (of which then would also have a delivery/set up fee in addition to, dependent upon where we are bringing your flowers, as well as how much time, how many people and how many vehicles your set up requires—most of the time, this ranges from $50-300 for anything down the street up to 1.5 hours away, but could be more if your event is further away or has higher than typical staffing requirements for example).

Local Pickup

You are more than welcome to pick up your flowers from our studio in Ashland on your wedding day (or the day before) if you are budgeting less than this for flowers or planning to purchase loose flowers to arrange yourself. Couples do this all the time to help save and get our signature look!

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“They arrived on my wedding day and gave me the most gorgeous bouquet that was so unique and so me. I got to hug and thank Sara and then she was off like a floral fairy making my venue shine. She is exactly what you want in a florist.” — Tegan LaBarre